I'm Nodari, video games are pretty much a description of my life. For more than the past 8 years, I have been professionally involved in the industry, contributed to many amazing titles, and expanded my experience. As of today, I've had the privilege of working on some highly successful titles that boast millions of downloads (Pixel Fury, Craft IO), garnered awards and nominations (Archivist VR), developed my own IP (Tale of Two), and best-seller card game (Dawncaster). On the freelancing platform Upwork, I have received a TOP Rated badge and have been featured as a TOP Developer.




As a dual leader, I oversee both in-house game development and SDK creation, consistently driving our success by delivering top-notch experiences and a high-quality SDK. Managing a dedicated team, I focus on thoughtful planning for the SDK's adaptability and lead a cohesive approach within the group. My role is pivotal in optimizing team efficiency and fostering strong industry connections. Additionally, I act as a bridge between company heads, stakeholders, and our team, contributing significantly to our overall success.

Independent Contractor

I am an accomplished and highly regarded professional who has made substantial contributions to client projects, playing pivotal roles in their success. My dedication and expertise have earned me a TOP developer ranking on Upwork, complemented by a flawless 100% Job Success Score, and the prestigious TOP Rated status. My journey as a freelancer has allowed me to accumulate extensive experience, leaving a significant mark on projects of note, such as "Archivist VR", and "Dawncaster", best-selling card game.


As the chief architect at GN3RA, I played a pivotal role in developing our digital fashion live service platform. I crafted major platform features, utilizing advanced techniques like Dependency Injection (Zenject) and modular systems for scalability. Collaboration was central to our success, with close teamwork, particularly with the CTO. I actively mentored junior developer, fostering their growth. Our efforts led to consistent high-quality work across all showcases, establishing GN3RA as a leader in the fashion industry.


As a key member of an industry-veteran team, I played a pivotal role in our dynamic and innovative workspace. My contributions spanned a diverse array of projects, ranging from mobile games to cutting-edge virtual reality titles. Notably, I played an instrumental role in the development of the immensely popular "Pixel Fury," a title that amassed over 5 million downloads, firmly establishing itself as a hit in the gaming world. MAMIDA (Inside joke)



Dive into the dark fantasy world of the Shattered Realms and join the battle against evil. Build your deck as a cunning rogue, a brutal warrior, or a mysterious Seeker wielding arc

Amidst Nordic wilds, two souls combat nature, minds, and humanity, weaving a tale of resilience and turmoil.

Universus is a story based social VR game that develops based on your personality. Based on your actions throughout the game, will receive "clues" as puzzle pieces. It will become

Try Pixel Fury: Battle Royale in 3D where you can fight against players worldwide! In this FPS pocket edition you can use multiple block guns (from axes to sniper) and play with fr

Immerse yourself in the limitless world of Exploration Craft, the ultimate cube pixel style crafting game where your imagination knows no bounds. Craft your dream home, from quaint

GN3RA is a digital outfit customization platform, where anyone can alter and design digital outfits without tech or fashion skills and wear them immediately on avatars to explore v

The Archivist: VR is a Virtual Reality Experience inspired by and based on the world of Twin Peaks and all its numerous iterations - TV, Film and Literature. It is a fan made proje