Pixel Fury

During my tenure at Stormbringer Studios, I had the opportunity to work on several projects, and one of the standout ones was Pixel Fury.


As a senior gameplay engineer, my responsibilities encompassed a wide range of critical tasks:

  • Overseeing all gameplay elements of the game.
  • Developing specific networking functionalities.
  • Implementing audio and visual effects to enhance the player experience.
  • Integrating various third-party plugins to extend the game’s functionality.
  • Handling UI programming to ensure a user-friendly interface.
  • Managing the deployment and distribution of the game across multiple platforms.


My contributions to the project were substantial, and the collective efforts of our team proved to be highly rewarding, leading to the game’s remarkable success with an astounding 5 million downloads at its peak.


Try Pixel Fury: Battle Royale in 3D where you can fight against players worldwide! In this FPS pocket edition you can use multiple block guns (from axes to sniper) and play with friends on awesome maps! Join with thousands of players around the world! Pick your weapon and start your duty causing havoc and destruction in this battle thorn environment of Pixel Fury!