GN3RA was an exceptional experience. Diverging from the conventional gaming sphere, GN3RA stands as a live service platform with perpetual updates. In my capacity as a senior software engineer dedicated to GN3RA, I played a pivotal role under the direct supervision of the Chief Technical Officer.


My responsibilities included:

  • Implementing core mechanics of the service.
  • Extending the functionality of outfit designer tools.
  • Adding networking capabilities and enabling collaborative designer tools.
  • Programming various UI elements.
  • Implementing backend functionality via Firebase.
  • Establishing the core architecture of the project, with a long-term vision in mind.
  • Designing and building the project’s core with a focus on dependency injection (using Zenject) and modular systems.


My contributions brought significant success to the company and the project. To this day, the project continues to drive the digital fashion industry forward.


GN3RA is a digital outfit customization platform, where anyone can alter and design digital outfits without tech or fashion skills and wear them immediately on avatars to explore virtual world and games, or wear as a filter in AR. All in a couple of minutes. Our cutting edge tech facilitates a seamless and beginner friendly user experience, with world-class technological partnerships.