Tale of Two

After gaining valuable experience from my involvement in various game projects, I felt it was time to embark on a unique venture. This marked the birth of Wild Skull Games, my very own game development studio, in collaboration with my close friend Zurab Barisashvili (Amazing AAA 3D Artist). Our combined efforts were dedicated to our debut creation, “Tale of Two”, which immersed players in a captivating Nordic realm.

Our vision for the game was ambitious, aiming to provide an immersive experience filled with adventure and intricate storytelling, drawing inspiration from acclaimed titles such as “Journey.” 

Within this endeavor, my responsibilities centered around the technical aspects of the game, while Zurab skillfully handled the realms of art and lighting.


As the sole programmer, my contributions included:

  • Managing all aspects of the game’s code.
  • Conducting meticulous pre-production and outlining the game’s technical framework.
  • Creating most of the game’s mechanics and functionalities from scratch.
  • Developing a custom input system and feedback mechanism.
  • Implementing IK animation systems.
  • Crafting storytelling tools.
  • Overseeing gameplay and UI elements.


In essence, I was responsible for all coding aspects of the project, from the technical groundwork to the intricacies of gameplay and user interface, ensuring that every element of the game met our high standards.


Unfortunately, the extensive scope we envisioned for the game exceeded our available budget, ultimately leading us to the challenging decision of postponing its development indefinitely.


Amidst Nordic wilds, two souls combat nature, minds, and humanity, weaving a tale of resilience and turmoil.